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Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden is a non-profit that seeks to passionately serve families who have loved ones with developmental disabilities. 

We accomplish our mission in two different areas:

The first wing has joyfully donated over $72,000 to the community and awards yearly  scholarships, to students in need of speech and occupational therapies. How are we able to offer these free scholarships?  Thanks to our amazing OTRBG families...with the help of our second wing!


It is our goal to 

“Create a legacy where children are surrounded by magic and education is inspired by beauty.”

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The second wing of our non-profit involves providing in-home care to adults and children with developmental disabilities.  We devote our time to empowering families to care for their loved ones by offering the training necessary to enable a family member to become the paid professional caretaker.  The proceeds made in our non-profit, directly give back to our families, by donating to various community event and awarding scholarships each Spring!

We believe that “Quality Consistent Care” is easily achieved when provided by the heart of a loved one.

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